When he is older, your child may need a tutor for physics, BC Calculus, Mandarin Chinese, marine biology, or any other subject with which you the parent lack expertise.

But luckily, it’s different for the kindergarten ERB.  You and your skilled babysitter can handle preschool / kindergarten skills.  You don’t need to outsource this job to a fancy tutor, which is why I don’t offer tutoring services.  Tutoring four year olds is not a business I want to be in.

Preparing for the ERB should be like stimulating play, not cram school.  It also, especially today, should not be a waste of money.

Unless your child has a developmental lag, in which case you will probably want to hire a therapist, your child will do best working with you or a skilled caretaker.  That way preparation is play, not “prep”.  We’re talking about four-year-olds.  We want to keep their lives reasonable despite the unfortunate expectations private schools place upon them.

With my program, Preschoolers’ Prep, I teach you what skills and capabilities admissions directors seek from applicants, and recommend a personalized ERB Kit with educational toys and workbooks.  I am very proud of the scores my clients’ children have achieved with my program, and the fact that kids have had fun while learning.   To learn more or call 212-712-2228 9am-9pm EST. Limited enrollment available so reserve your child’s space.