Leaving New York City?  Thanks to the recession as well as normal migration, many New Yorkers with young children will move to nearby suburbs this summer.  Not all New Yorkers are thrilled about this–some approach a move with trepidation.  Relax–the suburbs have much to offer.  Some books with more info about the tristate area suburban life:

If You’re Thinking of Living in …All About 115 Great Neighborhoods in and Around New York

This book offers accurate, lengthy descriptions about suburban neighborhoods and helps you make a good choice about which one will best suit your family.

Zagat Westchester

Zagat New Jersey

Zagat Long Island

Zagat Connecticut

The food is better than you imagined these days.

Westchester Magazine

New Jersey Monthly

Connecticut Magazine

You need to get a subscription to the local magazine.  Once a year, suburban magazines offer school special issues, as well as regular schools reporting.  You’ll also find best doctors, food, lawn care, pool boys, etc.