I’ve blogged about Toby Glick at ParentConfidante just recently, but I can’t help writing about her again.  Toby just helped me find a qualified child psychologist for a youngster in need.  The child and her parents are so relieved.  When I called Toby to express my gratitude, Toby told me about work she’s doing right now placing special needs clients at top private, public, and nursery schools where their needs will be best met.

Parents with special needs kids need support.  It’s difficult to find caring and qualified professionals to help, whether it’s with special needs school placement, IEPs, or with obtaining necessary services from superior therapists and doctors.

Honestly, I think Toby at ParentConfidante is a godsend.  She cares, and she knows what she’s talking about. Parents of special needs or special needs-suspected kids who want help with school placement and other issues, here’s Toby’s info: 646-300-1881, or email her at Toby<at sign>parentconfidante.com.  Good luck!