Just as the precarious economy has bred hope in some that apartment prices will fall, others are betting that the private schools will have more open spots.  In recent days, clients have said to me, “I feel bad saying this, but I hope that Wall Street continues to lay people off so they’ll be more seats for my kid!”

I think that due to the sad situation with the economy and some parents being laid off, there ARE more open seats now, good news for relocating families, shut out families, and public school kids who want to make a last minute switch.  It’s too early to predict next year’s regular admissions, but if trends continue, I think there is still enough pent up demand that the top schools will still have no trouble filling their classes with eager families.  Unless the economy goes very far South, almost all schools should be in good shape given the sheer population numbers in the city and the current chaos in the public school admissions system.