More on ISEE Lower Level 2009 Results

A reader wrote in today, Your blog is wonderful, thank you! I have been noticing that ISEE scores for the lower level exam have been coming back very low as well. Is there any reason for this, or information on this phenomenon on the Internet? Possible reasons I have been able to track down so … Continue reading More on ISEE Lower Level 2009 Results

ISEE (ERB) Scores Coming In

Families applying to private school 6th grade and 9th grade, take note:  ISEE (ERB) scores are coming in lower than usual this year.  The Independent School Entrance Exam test was revised in 2009.  Scores, stanines, and percentile ranks are less than what many families anticipated due to the changes in the test.  We are tracking … Continue reading ISEE (ERB) Scores Coming In