You want to engage the best NYC private school consultant the first time.  With any luck, your child will be applying to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale or Westchester private schools only once.  The stakes are high.

Question #1:  Before you go any further, do I even need an educational consultant for NYC private schools?

If you want your child to get into top schools, you may want an expert by your side.  A top educational consultant helps you strategically select the NYC schools to which your child is most likely to get in, helps you position your child and family to maximum advantage, maximizes your efficiency, and minimizes your stress.

Question #2:  Which NYC private school consultant do I pick?  It seems like every former private school teacher, nanny, and mom has opened up a shop. 

  • You should select the best.

The New York Times said, “Emily Glickman, president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, coaches families on getting their children into top New York schools.”

Emily Glickman has more than 25 years’ experience (21 years at Abacus Guide and 5 years at The Princeton Review), more experience than almost every other consultant in New York, helping hundreds and hundreds of children get into the very best schools, including Dalton, Trinity, Collegiate, Brearley, Horace Mann…  You name the NYC private school, she has worked with kids who have gotten in there.

Emily is a mother of two with a vast network of contacts in education, psychology, and media.  Her expertise is regularly sought by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine and publications around the world.

Did you know that 85% of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting clients are repeat customers or referred by friends?

Parents know that Emily’s exclusive strategies and personalized, kind and shrewd guidance drive their children’s admissions success.

Emily helps you craft successful applications that address private schools’ most pressing admissions goals.

  • You should pick someone who’s going to be there for you. 

A former client, a college professor, wrote Emily, “You are a truly kind and helpful person in addition to being smart and shrewd – a difficult combination to achieve!”

Every day, Emily strives to give her clients this dedicated level of service.  When your child is applying to NYC private school, whether it’s kindergarten, middle school, or high school, you want someone who really cares.  Emily returns your calls and your emails, she works weekends and evenings…she is here for you.

Emily really cares about our clients, which is why she maintains relationships with parents and students, often over many years.

Question #3:  How much does this cost?

It’s an investment.  Educational consulting fees range from $1250 to $5450. Ask about multiple children in one admissions cycle.

Abacus Guide’s Private School Admissions Support Program has sold out every year for the last decade, so please reserve your child’s place early.  212-712-2228 or NYC’s best educational consultant