It takes strategy. 

You want your child to apply to the desirable private schools that are most likely to accept him or her.

It takes positioning. 

You want your child to stand out in a competitive field.  You want admissions directors and faculty to see and appreciate your child’s unique characteristics, knowledge, and experience.

As a top NYC private school consultant with over twenty years’ experience helping students get into elite private middle and high schools, in New York City, Westchester, and around the country, I have unique and unparalleled perspective on how to make your child shine. 

I’ll help your family understand what makes your child competitive, and how to best communicate your child’s strengths on essays and during interviews.

For a leg up for your child,  call 212-712-2228 or email now.

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how is Emily Glickman?

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Emily Glickman was fantastic! We could not have achieved the success(our daughter was accepted to 8 NYC private high schools) we did without her expertise. Emily helped us create a profile, select schools, write and edit application essays (there are many), prep for interviews etc… She was professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. She always responded (almost immediately)to our emails, and was always available for any questions we had during the process. I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with her and would highly recommend her.