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For a list of more than 65 well-known NYC private schools, serving students in the Kindergarten - 12th grade years, please see below. We hope it makes your research easier. Also keep bookmarked: Best New York City Private Schools Blog



All three Riverdale private schools attract large numbers of bright, intellectually motivated students (school populations 1000 or more). All are similar to colleges: large, beautiful campuses with excellent sports and arts facilities, many clubs and teams, diverse course offerings including many honors classes, and talented faculty. All attract a largely liberal student population from NYC and nearby Westchester suburbs. This year, many Abacus Guide educational consulting clients achieved admission to these very competitive Riverdale private schools.


Brooklyn Heights:

The Brooklyn Heights private schools are the most competitive in Brooklyn. Packer and Saint Ann's, while different in focus, both attract a motivated, liberal Brooklyn and lower Manhattan student base. Many Abacus Guide educational consulting clients seek admission to the Brooklyn Heights private schools. For more information on our services, please click here. The other Brooklyn private schools attract many local students. Poly Prep, because it offers bus service, also sees many students from around the city. Each school is individual in character and philosophy, with an intimate atmosphere. Poly Prep is unusual amongst city schools because it offers such stellar arts and sports facilities.

Carroll Gardens:

Clinton Hill:

Cobble Hill:


Fort Greene:

Park Slope:

Park Slope and Dyker Heights:

Red Hook:



The Downtown Manhattan private schools all reflect their local neighborhood, attracting a largely liberal, and sometimes artistic, literary, and/or activist parent community. At Abacus Guide, we give our educational consulting clients the inside scoop on each Downtown NYC school's character, offerings, and level of competitiveness of admission. For more information on our services for admission to Downtown NYC schools, click here.

East Side:

The East Side is home to many of the most competitive private schools in NYC. If you're looking for an all-boys or all-girls school, you've hit pay-dirt: many of these institutions are on the East Side. If you prefer coed schools, there are plenty here too. Abacus Guide clients have been accepted at ALL the well-known East Side private schools. including Dalton, Nightingale, Buckley, Ramaz, and UNIS. For more information on our services, please click here.

It's hard to generalize about the East Side NYC private schools. While many have a traditional, conservative bent, others are quite progressive. The school choice is tremendous: besides the well-known "Baby Ivies" (a questionable term), you can find a Montessori school, a French school, an Italian school, a Christian school, an international school, a tutoring school...

West Side:

On the West Side, competition for entry to some private schools is very stiff, and to others much less so. At Abacus Guide, we help our educational consulting clients apply to a balanced list of West Side NYC private schools. We educate people about not only the well-known schools, but also about some other schools that we think are strong. Some of our clients recently achieved admission to Trinity, Ethical Culture, Collegiate, CGPS, Trevor, and Dwight, among other schools.

Like the East Side, the West Side offers incredible diversity in school choice. The area is home to a few single-sex schools, as well as Jewish schools, church-affiliated schools, an international school, a performers' school...

Many Abacus Guide educational consulting clients seek admission to these private schools. For more information on our services, please click here.

Staten Island:

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