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Emily Glickman

Emily Glickman

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"Emily Glickman's agency, Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, helps parents win admission to private schools."

Emily Glickman is an educational consultant and writer based in New York. She runs Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, a well-known firm that helps New York City families with admission to private school. Her clients include a cross-section of New York City and Westchester society as well as relocating families from around the world. Families can reach Emily at her by calling 212-712-2228.

Working intimately with families for over twenty years, as well as the mother of two children, Emily has a unique perspective on today's frenzied, competitive parenting scene. Her overall view is that it's not easy being a kid today, and it's not easy being a parent. In her work as a writer and as a school advisor, Emily tries to help families find a navigable, thoughtful path.

Emily's clients are primarily families referred by existing clients, as well as individuals who find her through the media. Private schools seeking insights on how to appeal to families and numerous banks and law firms with relocating and Manhattan-based employees have hired Emily for consulting assignments. Her expertise is regularly sought by local, national, and international media.

Before founding Abacus Guide in 1999, Emily was a manager at The Princeton Review. A life-long New Yorker educated at every level at Manhattan schools. Emily attended elementary school at Packer, high school at Hunter, and college and graduate school at Columbia. She serves as an alumni interviewer for Columbia University.

Emily communicates regularly with hundreds of New York City and Westchester parents, students, heads of schools, principals, admissions directors, teachers, and psychologists. She strives to have the most up-to-date, comprehensive information about our region's schools so that she can best help parents and students.

To learn about how to engage Emily Glickman as your family's school advisor, click here. You can also call us at our New York office (212-712-2228, 9am-8pm) to discuss Emily's educational consulting programs, including structure, timing, fees, and fit with your family's needs.

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From The New York Times:

"Emily Glickmans agency, Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, helps parents win admission to private schools. "Getting in is all about marketing," Emily Glickman said. "I help parents present themselves in their best light." Her services include editing applications and role-playing interviews."

From The Wall Street Journal:

"As an educational consultant, I help families get into the New York-area high schools on your list, as well as many others. Every school cited is either elite private (taking only smart, top-performing students, often from well-connected, wealthy families), selective public (admitting only the highest achievers on standardized tests), or suburban public (accepting teens whose affluent, ambitious families can afford the high school taxes). Of course these students will come out ahead in the college admissions race."

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