Avenues college admission–how good is it?

My clients who are interested in Avenues The World School are always most interested in knowing how this relatively new, for-profit school is doing with college admission. Since Avenues will just have its first graduating class in 2016, families are concerned whether graduates will be able to be placed at elite colleges. I have always advised my clients that I thought Avenues students would do just fine in college admission, since the school devotes extensive resources to college counseling and many Avenues students have the kind of exceptional international resumes which colleges appreciate.

Well, my advice turned out to be true. One of my former clients, a parent, emailed me today about Avenues college admission:

This is the first graduating class at Avenues and early decision they have already been accepted to Ivy League schools – Harvard, Yale and Univ of Penn.

Congratulations, students!

Parents, look for Avenues to be trumpeting these college admissions stats in their marketing. With this class, Avenues has established itself in New York City. For better or for worse, Avenues college admissions rates will make a big difference in how much today’s parents want to send their children to this private school.