I’m excited to announce that Anthony-James Green, one of our principal SSAT/ISEE tutors, together with his new company, has just launched Vivid Vocab, a new vocabulary learning tool to help children permanently memorize some of the most common SAT and SSAT/ISEE vocabulary words.  Anthony writes:

Using multi-sensory experiences and mnemonic stories, Vivid Vocab helps to build multiple pathways in children’s brains to help them retrieve definitions for some of the trickiest standardized test vocabulary.  In a recent focus group, students were asked to review 25 Vivid Vocab words for 30 minutes.  Three weeks later, with no review, these students remembered 96% of the words they had studied.   This level is memorization is unprecedented.  To learn more, or to sign up, simply visit Vivid Vocab here: Vivid Vocab SAT and ISEE/SSAT Vocabulary Word System.