Anthony-James Green, co-founder with me of ISEE test prep firm Private School Authority, sent Abacus Mom the following helpful information about preparing for the ISEE and SSAT:

The test prep process can be stressful and disappointing, or it can be relaxed, fruitful, and extremely beneficial for your child.  It all has to do with your approach, and by far the most important factor in effective SSAT/ISEE prep is how much time you give yourself to improve.  The ISEE and SSAT are tests that test material knowledge, which can only be built up through long-term repetition, practice, and familiarity.  If you give yourself months to figure out what your child knows and doesn’t know, and then create a plan to slowly and steadily bridge these knowledge gaps, you’re going to end up with a child who scores much higher on these exams than he or she otherwise would.

Most people are so terrified of ISEE and SSAT prep because they wait until the last minute.  If you realize, with one month to go, that your child has 15 different areas where he needs to improve, of course you’re going to be a wreck!  This is too much of a burden to put on a 10-14-year-old child.  But if you give yourself 6 months to improve, it can be a slow, relaxing process.  Your child won’t feel pressured, and she’ll have the breathing room she needs to practice and improve.  Perhaps focus on two key areas a month, devoting 2-5 hours a week to the process, and you’ll end up with great results.

The biggest thing parents need to do is start early.  The earlier you start, the more improvement you’ll see, and the easier and less stressful it would be to realize.

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