These blogs will keep you up to speed with latest NYC private schools news.  In alphabetical order.  (We’re not counting Abacus Mom — News and views about NYC private schools and parenting, from a long-time admissions consultant and school advisor.)

1.  Gotham Schools

A running conversation about what works and doesn’t in schools.  Gotham Schools is an independent project of OpenPlans, a Manhattan-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering civil society through technology.

2.  New York City Private Schools Blog

A public guide to NYC private schools, with contributions from numerous professionals in the field.

3.  Schoolbook

News, data and conversation about schools, from the folks at the New York Times.

4.  TheSchoolBoards

Your questions, your answers, your voice, with no snark and solid information from a community of parents and experts around New York City and the nation.

5.  Urban Baby Schools Board

Not a blog, but still indispensable information and gossip about Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale and Westchester private schools.  Read with a hefty grain of salt.

Have we missed your blog?  Email us at best NYC schools blogs.