How to Prepare for Private School Interviews

Parents, as well as Students, are in the Spotlight


Abacus4The prospect of interviewing for private school admission often strikes fear in the hearts of even the most successful parents.  As an educational consultant, over the years I have met many parents--top executives, college professors, lawyers, doctors, actors, and others--who despite great  professional achievement, often including many experiences being interviewed as well as interviewing, are extremely apprehensive.  Sometimes they find it difficult to advise their children about the private school interview when they themselves are anxious.

Unfortunately, it's natural to be concerned.  No one likes being evaluated, especially when so much is at stake. 

How to feel more confident?  As with all experiences, you'll feel better if you're well prepared.  So-

  • Know what the school has to offer.  Read all the written and online materials.
  • Know what your child has to offer. 
  • Know what you have to offer.

Remember, too, that most admissions directors don't ask trick questions.  Admissions directors are typically warm and welcoming.  They're out to make you feel comfortable. 

I have been preparing parents and children for stellar private school interviews since 1999.  My interview preparation kit includes a list of questions typically asked, and a list of mistakes typically made.  I am now accepting clients who will be applying in 2010 for 2011 admission.  To learn more or call 212-712-2228 9am-9pm EST. 



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