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Welcome to the World of New York City Kindergarten through 10th Grade Admission (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, Westchester). 

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Why Does My Relocating Family Need an Educational Consultant?

There are over 70 private schools in the city and many more public schools.  There are schools in Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey.  Before you move, you need to know which schools will be best for your child - where he will be happiest, and where he will be most successful.  You need to know how to get your child into these top schools.

Real estate brokers, relocation companies, friends, and colleagues may offer you opinions.  But they don't know all the facts.  An educational consultant who specializes in New York City and the tristate area knows our local schools better than anyone.

Why Should I Hire an Abacus Guide Educational Consultant?

If you sign up for our Welcome to New York Program, Preschoolers' Prep Program, and/or our Private School Admissions Support Program, you'll work with Emily Glickman. 

Emily is one of New York's leading experts on private school admissions and tristate area private, public, and parochial schools.   In practice for over a decade--longer than almost every other consultant--Emily has a vast breadth of admissions knowledge, which she gladly shares with her clients.  She has worked with families who are relocating to the New York area from all over the United States and the world.  Emily provides the warmest, most personal, most efficient service available. 

Emily has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, books and television programs, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Le Monde, The Guardian, Time Out New York, New York Magazine, The Daily News, and The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools.  Emily was the ONLY New York area consultant recommended in a national magazine's recent guide.  The listing notes that Emily "has landed hundreds of children in premium kindergartens."  (Emily also assists families with students applying to 1st through 12th grades.) Emily's current clients include investment bankers, hedge fund managers, lawyers, doctors, business executives, professors, and celebrities.  For more about Emily, click here.

As an Abacus Guide Welcome to New York client, you and your child will benefit because:

  • We've been helping in-the-know relocating families find and get into top New York City and suburban schools since 1999.  We're experts on private, public, and Catholic schools.

  • We know about the unique educational challenges international students face when they relocate.  We can help you find schools with sufficiently rigorous educational standards, with English as a Second Language support, with curricula that tie into your home country standards, whatever you need.

  • We know about the unique educational challenges American students face when they relocate.  We've helped students from California to Maine to Florida make a smooth transition.  We'll point you to appropriate schools, using whatever criteria you give us. 

  • We're specialists in regular and late school admissions.  Whatever month you relocate, we'll help your child be admitted into a suitable school.  We'll direct you to a safe, attractive community within easy commuting distance to your job.

I'm in a Rush.  How Can You Help Me Now?

Get help from home - Now.  Counseling available to our long-distance clients via phone and email, so you can make the right schooling decision before selecting your new home.

Can I Get My Employer to Pay for this Essential Service?

Maybe.  Many of our Abacus Guide clients expense the Welcome to New York Program as part of their relocation package.  

I'd Like to Learn More.  How Do I Contact You?  

>>> Simply  email  and/or call our New York office (212-712-2228, 9am-8pm EST ) to discuss educational consulting programs, including structure, timing, fees, and fit with your family's needs. (Families from outside the United States - please be sure to send an email.) 

Our clients' children have been accepted at Dalton, Horace Mann, Collegiate, Nightingale, Chapin, Buckley, and many, many other private schools.  We help families who are on -- or off -- the regular admissions cycle.

Feedback from Abacus Guide Educational Consulting Clients:

“Thank you very, very much.  I feel as if you have taken a hundred pounds off my shoulders!"    -Brazilian Investment Banker, Dad

"I could not be more satisfied with our family's decision to hire Emily and Abacus Guide.  Our son got into his top-choice school, which was tough because it is all boys and very competitive.  We will definitely call on Emily again when our daughter is ready to apply to schools.  Considering how much private school costs, a good educational consultant is a good investment."  -Investment Banker, Dad 

"Thanks to your good advice, we were able to choose schools for our kids, taking into account your excellent assessment of our needs.  You did a very good job.  Your orientation was very precise and it helped us not only in the selection of schools but also in the solving of other issues."  -Argentine Investment Banker, Dad 

"Your service is wonderful and has been extremely helpful to us.  I would definitely recommend you to others."  -West Coast Lawyer, Mom

"My son got into three private schools' kindergartens!  I know I could not have done this without your help.  I thought the service you provided was great and kept a busy mother on track!  Thank you again for everything, especially for how to prepare my son for interviews."  -Manhattan Marketing Executive, Mom

Simply  email  and/or call our New York office ( 212-712-2228, 9am-8pm) to discuss educational consulting programs, including structure, timing, fees, and fit with your family's needs.