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Welcome to the World of New York City Kindergarten through 10th Grade Admission (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, Westchester). 

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If you are interested in assistance with admission to private school for this coming September, please book early.  (The process starts at least a year in advance.)  We are now accepting reservations from new families on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference to families referred by current clients.

Simply email  Abacus Guide and/or call our New York office (212-712-2228, 9am-8pm) to discuss educational consulting programs, including structure, timing, fees, and fit with your family's needs.

For almost twenty years, we’ve quietly helped hundreds of children find happiness and success at top private schools.  Year after year, our clients are admitted to Trinity, Dalton, Ethical Culture Fieldston, Horace Mann, Spence, Chapin, and Collegiate, as well as to many other prestigious New York City and Westchester private schools.   

From Recent Clients:  

"We received 6 letters so far out of the 7 schools. And they are ALL acceptances!!!   We still can't believe our luck! Thank you, Emily.  We tried to do this on our own when we first moved to NYC but both children were completely shut out. You are the difference this time around!"

"<Child's Name> will definitely be going to <well-known private school> this fall!  I have several friends who are on wait lists only so I feel fortunate.  I can't thank you enough, Emily, for all of your support and insight during this process.  You are truly exceptional at what you do and I'm sure there are many other happy and relieved families who are so thankful to you as well."

Why Does My Family Need an Educational Consultant?

Quite simply, with more and more families choosing elite private schools, it's hard to get in.  You want your child to succeed.  You also want to stop worrying.  An expert will help you.  

Why Should I Hire an Abacus Guide Educational Consultant?

If you sign up for our School Selection Program, Preschoolers' Prep Program, and/or our Private School Admissions Support Program, you'll work with Emily Glickman. 

Emily is one of New York's leading experts on private school admissions and tristate area private, public, and parochial schools.   In practice for almost twenty years-longer than almost every other consultant--Emily has a vast breadth of admissions knowledge, which she gladly shares with her clients.  Emily provides the warmest, most personal, most efficient service available. 

Emily has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, books and television programs, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, New York Magazine, The New York Sun, Time Out New York, The Daily News, and The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools.  Emily was the ONLY New York area consultant recommended in a national magazine's recent guide.  The listing notes that Emily "has landed hundreds of children in premium kindergartens."  (Emily also assists families with students applying to 1st through 12th grades.) Emily's current clients include investment bankers, hedge fund managers, lawyers, doctors, business executives, professors, and celebrities.  For more about Emily, click here.

As an Abacus Guide client, you and your child will benefit because:

  • We've been helping in-the-know families successfully navigate the private schools admissions process since 1999.  Our clients have been accepted at Dalton, Horace Mann, Collegiate, Nightingale, Chapin, Buckley, and many, many other private schools.

  • We're experts on private, public, and suburban schools.  We'll let you know what's required for admission and what you can do to improve your child's chances.

  • Everything you tell us is confidential.  Unlike your guidance or exmissions counselor, your nursery school director, your neighbor, your Aunt Sally -- our only loyalty is to YOU.  We get to know you and your child, so we can give you personalized, expert, frank advice.  

  • We coach you behind the scenes, so your privacy is assured.  NO ONE except you and your consultant will know that anyone assisted you in the application process.  Whether you want to prep answers to tricky interview questions (your child's weakness, anyone?), debate school choices with your spouse or ex-spouse, review your "about your child" essay, or identify effective references, we're here for you.  

  • Unlike other consultants and counselors, we offer unlimited phone and email contact, and unlimited essay and letter editing, so you're assured of getting the attention you need to ensure your child's success.  We often work with clients during evenings and weekends.  Quite simply, we offer the warmest, most personal, most efficient service available.

How Will Your Programs Help My Child and Me?

We'll help you:

  • Understand the private school admissions timetable

  • Recognize how competitive each school is, and whether it's suitable for your child

  • Compile a schools list

  • Formulate a realistic admissions strategy, with tips to optimize your child's chances

  • Learn about how the ERB admissions test works and how you can help your child prepare

  • Prepare for interviews by practicing in advance and learning what admissions officers seek from parents and students

  • Compose your essays, first-choice letters, and thank you notes

  • Choose effective references

  • And much more ...

When Should I Work with an Educational Consultant?

Anytime you wish: we have worked with parents of babies to parents of 11th graders.  Ideally, you will contact us a year and a half prior to when your child will enroll in school (private school admissions support), or prior to acquiring or renting a new home (school selection).    Please note, the fall is our busiest period. We accept only a limited number of new clients to ensure that we can offer each our highest level of service. Unfortunately, during most years we have had to restrict enrollment in our Private School Admissions Support Program. (We also offer School Selection, Welcome to New York, Preschoolers' Prep, and tutoring programs.) If you're interested in this season and/or this program, please try to contact us well in advance of when your child will be going through the admissions cycle. 

I'd Like to Learn More.  How Do I Contact You?  

>>>> Simply  email  and/or call our New York office ( 212-712-2228, 9am-8pm) to discuss educational consulting programs, including structure, timing, fees, and fit with your family's needs.

Feedback from Abacus Guide Educational Consulting Clients:

"My son got into three private schools' kindergartens!  I know I could not have done this without your help.  I thought the service you provided was great and kept a busy mother on track!  Thank you again for everything, especially for how to prepare my son for interviews."  -Marketing Executive, Mom

"I could not be more satisfied with our family's decision to hire Emily and Abacus Guide.  Our son got into his top-choice school, which was tough because it is all boys and very competitive.  We will definitely call on Emily again when our daughter is ready to apply to schools.  Considering how much private school costs, a good educational consultant is a good investment."  -Investment Banker, Dad

"Honestly, I was not sure about hiring an educational consultant because I didn't know if it would really help.  Now I can tell you, I don't know what people do who DON'T call you, Emily.  The process is so confusing and stressful, and you made it much easier.  You explained everything and you coached us on how to best approach the schools.  I couldn't get over how well we did at the interviews!  Most importantly, I am so happy with where <daughter's name> got in."  -Art Gallery Owner, Mom

Simply  email  and/or call our New York office ( 212-712-2228, 9am-8pm) to discuss educational consulting programs, including structure, timing, fees, and fit with your family's needs.