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Public Schools in Westchester and Connecticut

Dear Abacus Guide,

Your name was given to me by a good friend here in Texas. We are moving to the East, so my husband can commute to Midtown -- it's come up rather suddenly.

We are looking at public schools in Westchester. We have a million questions.  But three of them are these:

  • What are your favorite public middle and high schools in Westchester and why?  We can rule out ones as far as Chappaqua -- where we looked at and liked Horace Greeley. It'll be officially too far a commute for us.
  • What are your favorite high schools in Connecticut? (closer commutes versus way out in the country)
  • How would you characterize the main differences/strengths etc. in Connecticut versus New York middle and high schools?

Thanks so much, Western Mom

Dear Western Mom,

You ask excellent questions, but I hesitate to answer them since I've never met you or your child.  Picking a school is a very personal decision - my favorites might not be yours.  Your child's interests and abilities and your family's needs will determine which is the best school for you. 

That helps! you're thinking.  

What I can give you are suggestions on where to start your research on schools.  A good place is to look is at the school report cards posted on New York State and Connecticut's websites.  The addresses are:, and   From these, you'll get a good idea of testing performance and other factors which may be important to you.  Newsweek ran an article, "The Top-Ranked High Schools", which may interest you as well.  From there, I would choose communities that seem like possibilities and are also within what you consider to be a reasonable commuting distance from the city.  At that point, it's best to visit the schools and talk to students and parents.  If a school is right, you'll know.

Both New York and Connecticut have some very highly regarded middle and high schools. Graduation requirements are slightly different in the 2 states.  In New York, your child will take a battery of standardized tests as the state is increasing the number of Regents exams students must take to graduate. 

Good luck, Emily Glickman

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